Menu in English

Onionsoup with cheese baked  5,50

Soup with ston mushroom   6,00€

Small appetizer: bread with dipp from fresh cheese, cheese, onion and garlic  4,50€

„Sunrise“ Salad with Turkey and Orange sauce  11,00€

Deer goulash with noodles and apple sauce  18,50€ 

Deer medaillons with stone mushrooms in cream, Rösti potatoes and salad  23,50€

Stone mushroom with bacon and onions cooced in cream, with Rösti potateos and salad  18,50€ (without bacon-vegetarian)

* breaded pork  5,00€

* steak of turkey  5,00€

* beefsteak  8,00€

„Hellas“ Steak of pork with tomatoes, onions, cheese and french fries, salad  14,90€

„Jägerart“ Breaded pork with mushrooms  in cream sauce, french fries and salad  13,90€ 

„Pußta“ Breaded pork with paprika stripes in creme sauce and french fries, salad  13,90€

„Pingsdorf“ Breaded pork with pepper creme sauce, french fries and salad  13,90€

„London“ Mixed grill (pork, turkey, beef) with french fries and coleslaw  16,90€

„Cordon bleu“ Baked pork stuffed with cheese and ham, french fries and salad  15,90€

„Sumatra“ Beefsteak with pepper creme sauce, croquettes and salad  22,50€

„Spessart“ Beefsteak with fried mushrooms and fried onions, Rösti potatoes and salad  22,50€

„Karibik“ Steak of turkey natural fried, with mango in orange sauce, croquettes and salad  14,50€


Salad with baked cheese and honey  11,00€

Jack fruit fried with mushrooms, paprika strieps, onions, cheese and french fries, salad  14,50€

Tortelli noodles filled goat cheese, baked with cheese, salad  10,00€ 

Breaded aubergine with paprika strieps in creme sauce and croquettes, salad  11,50€ 

Hokkaido pumpkin with onions and cheese baked, Rösti potatoes and salad  11,00€